About Ronni and Jennie

The Cycle Breakers


We are sisters and the best of friends. This wasn't always true. In our late teens, we realized that we wanted to have a better relationship, but weren't sure how to do it. As we each married and began having children, we knew we wanted to parent differently, and create more peaceful and loving homes for our families than we knew growing up. We struggled for several years trying to figure out why there was so much conflict between us, and so much anger and pain in our family of origin. We had been isolated from each other, even growing up in the same household. In trying to develop a better connection, we shared stories and memories from our childhood, which validated our experiences for each other. We were then able to name the problems of addiction and abuse that had left their marks on us in ways seen and unseen. We both followed conventional approaches to healing (counseling, Al Anon/ACOA groups), which gave us more insight, but could only take us so far in our healing. From there we have continued to explore yoga, meditation, energy healing, intuitive work---all of which have brought amazing transformation in our lives, as well as the lives of those we love. 

We are sharing our story now to help heal the shame that we have carried as survivors of trauma, and to contribute to healing the hearts of others who have struggled in similar ways. To us, healing is not about changing, or becoming someone "different" or "better"---it's about becoming more fully who we are: a spark of The Divine, connected to All, here to assist each other as our souls explore this existence and learn to love and live in peace.