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Healing Begins With Us:
Breaking the Cycle of Trauma and Abuse and Rebuilding the Sibling Bond

As a scholar of family violence myself, I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in learning more and/or healing abuse in their lives. Bravo, Ronni and Jennie for your courage and fierceness.

*Five-Star Rating

Sample Reviews:

You will find this such a helpful book, it exposes so much, but through the revelations, you can heal too. You can learn to overcome your battles and rebuild sibling relationships.

I couldn't put it down. I found it very encouraging to know that wholeness and healing happened (and are still happening) for them as individuals and between them as siblings, and that their healing is carrying forth into the future for their children. They don't make light of the work it takes, and I appreciate that they underscore that different approaches work for different people. If something doesn't get good results, they emphasize don't give up, try another approach. Keep building, keep reaching out, know that you are worthy and it's not your fault. What a message of hope and love.

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