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Why We Need to Look Back

When we are healing from childhood trauma, we have a complicated relationship with the past. We may have lived in denial for many years--leaving us with an overly rosy vision of what our life has been like, or maybe fuzzy memories (or no memories at all).

Once we begin to walk a healing path, we look back with new eyes, and often discover a great deal of buried pain. No one enjoys this, but we need to examine the past so that we can move forward.

After a while, looking back has another purpose. It gives us the chance to assess our progress. We can think about who we were--how we moved through the world--before we began the hard work of healing. And now, we can look back with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at how far we have come.

Don't be afraid to look back at the road you have traveled. You'll be proud of the person you see.

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